SLAIS (Slovenian Artificial Intelligence Society) is an association of researchers and practitioners in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Slovenia. Most of them come from universities and research institutes, but there are members from industrial and commercial organizations as well. The society promotes theoretical and applied research as well as the transfer of AI technology to industrial and commercial environments. SLAIS was founded in 1992 and is a member society of EurAI (European Association for Artificial Intelligence).


SLAIS covers virtually the whole range of AI topics, as well as some other areas of computer science. More information on members’ research interests can be found on the websites of institutions where most of them work and with which SLAIS tightly cooperates:

SLAIS and SLAIS members organize various activities related to AI:


Three SLAIS members were elected as ECCAI Fellows for their significant, sustained contributions to the field of artificial intelligence in Europe:

YearECCAI Fellow
2001Ivan Bratko
2007Nada Lavrač
2008Sašo Džeroski

Two SLAIS members received ECCAI Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Award:

YearAI Dissertation Award
2001Dorian Šuc
2005Aleks Jakulin

SLAIS member Nada Lavrač recived Zois Recognition Award for important contributions to science, research and development in the area of intelligent data analysis:

YearZois Recognition Award
2013Nada Lavrač


Chairs and Secretaries

YearsChairVice ChairSecreatry/Treasurer
1992-1996Ivan BratkoMatjaž GamsBogdan Filipič
1996-1998Bogdan FilipičIvan Bratko, Nikola GuidAram Karalič, Sašo Džeroski
1998-2002Matjaž GamsNikola GuidMatjaž Kukar, Aleks Jakulin, Maja Škrjanc
2002-2006Nikola Guid Damjan Strnad
2006-2010Marko BohanecDunja MladenićPetra Kralj Novak, Martin Žnidaršič
2010-2014Dunja MladenićMarko BohanecGregor Leban
2014-2018Mitja Luštrek Božidara Cvetković, Vito Janko
2018-2023Sašo DžeroskiPetra Kralj Novak
2023-Aleksander SadikovSašo DžeroskiVida Groznik
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