Seminar: Anaphora and coreference resolution: still a hard nut to crack?

Today at 16:15 at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in the P21 lecture hall, Ruslan Mitkov will lecture about anaphora and coreference resolution. Anaphora and coreference resolution are arguably among the most challenging Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks. Research in anaphora resolution and coreference resolution has focused almost exclusively on the development and […]

SLAIS general assembly

SLAIS general assembly will be held on 2018-02-13 at 13:00 in the Orange Room of Jožef Stefan Institute. Agenda: Selection of the assembly chair Report on the work in the past year by the SLAIS chair Report on financial activities by the secretary and treasurer Report by the supervisory board Plan of work for the next year Miscellaneous At the […]

Slovenian Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Informatica anniversary issue on artificial intelligence

The traditional Information Society multiconference is approaching – it will take place 9-13 October 2017 at Jožef Stefan Institute. Two conferences are particularly interesting for SLAIS members: Slovenian conference on Artificial Intelligence accepts submissions until 5 September. It also invites authors of papers published in the last year at prominent international conferences on artificial intelligence to […]

FRI Research Talks: Why is mobile gait analysis not a closed book?

On Thursday, 2017-08-03, at 14:15 at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in P20 lecture hall, Christine Martindale will talk about mobile gait analysis. This is a well-known area with publications regarding applications in the medical field for groups such as the elderly and Parkinsons patients, and on the fitness side, running applications and […]

Predavanje: Kako bo superinteligenca omogočila razvoj novega človeka

V četrtek, 20. aprila, bo ob 18:00 v Veliki predavalnici IJS predavanje z naslovom “Kako bo superinteligenca omogočila razvoj novega človeka” in podnaslovom “Kako se izogniti propadu človeške civilizacije”. Teza predavanja je, da se bo brez superinteligence človeška civilizacija uničila sama. Predavanje je poljudno, temelji pa na strokovnih analizah. Predavanje bo začel naš član Matjaž […]

FRI Research Talks: Is my new tracker really better than yours?

On Thursday, 2017-03-30, at 14:15 at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in P22 lecture room, Luka Čehovin Zajc will present his work on performance evaluation in computer vision which is the cornerstone of the international Visual Object Tracking initiative. The initiative annually organizes competitions and workshops to bring together researchers with the goal […]

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